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to syrian president bashar al assad. radical sunni groups are supporting the opposition forces. earlier this month a car bomb went off in a hezbollah stronghold in lebanon's capital beirut. the explosion killed more than 20 people. >>> u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon is urging the syrian government to let inspectors thoroughly investigate the latest allegations regarding the use of chemical weapons. opposition leaders in the country say government forces targeted their towns with poison gas. ban is taking the accusation seriously. >> any use of chemical weapons anywhere by anybody under any circumstances would violate international law. such a crime against humanity should result in serious consequences for the perpetrator. >> opposition leaders say forces loyal to president bashar al assad fired rockets loaded with chemical weapons at their stronghold in a suburb of damascus. they say the attack killed hundreds of people. government officials say the claims are absolutely baseless. u.n. inspectors are already in syria to look into previous incidents of alleged chemical weapons use.
, was perpetrated by bashar al-assad. you were telling me earlier you are still not for an intervention. >> yes, of course. we are not sure. we are waiting for the declassified documents to arrive within a few days. at this time we have no proof at all bashar al-assad -- >> i want to correct myself. it was not barack obama saying that. it was a white house spokesperson saying there was no doubt chemical weapons were used in the attack. in other words, you feel we need to wait for the results of that inspection team to come through. >> exactly. the u.n. inspector on the ground right now, because of a problem of security. i cannot imagine going to war after tomorrow without having proof. >> i want to bring phillips into this debate. few have been waiting patiently in london. sir, do you think there is too much precipitation tonight, everybody rushing without the full proof, especially david cameron, he has recalled parliament. we could have a vote on thursday. >> that is one way of looking at it. you have to roll this back a couple of years. this has been going on for some time. there has been a
days. no boots on the ground in syria and no effort to remove syrian leader bashar al assad from power. >> as the president weighs his options, does he want to take out assad? and would his death be a welcomed outcome at this white house? >> i appreciate the question. i want to make clear that the options that we are considering are not about regime change. they are about responding to a clear violation of an international standard that prohibits the use of chemical weapons. >> reporter: defense secretary chuck hagel said the pentagon is awaiting the president's call. >> if the order comes, you're ready to go like that? >> we're ready to go like that. >> reporter: president obama has every major u.s. ally echoing his administration's goal for a serious strike. >> this is not about go further into that conflict. it's nothing to do with that. it's about chemical weapons. their use is wrong and the world shouldn't stand idly by. >> translator: france is ready to punish those who took this disgusting decision to gas innocent people. >> reporter: there is even a boost of support coming in f
the out stirts of the capital. at damascus university many remain loyal to bashar al-assad and say they don't believe the military used nerve gas against civilians. >> translator: i believe that chemical weapons were used in some way in certain areas, he says, but i don't think the government did it because they know what the results would be. >> reporter: dig down, and you find a sense of unease. the historic market in the old town is far emptier than usual. syria's economy is in a state of crisis due to the conflict and now many fear things could get worse. quite a strange mood here in damascus. people seem unsure as to what the future will bring with the american air strikes looming and very few people will talk about it openly. there are some that bought additional food stocks and things like canned foods just in case. >> and joining us now from beirut in lebanon, fred, when you talk to the syrian people, are they more concerned about the possibility of the strike or what would follow after any strike might have taken place? >> reporter: that's really the thing i found the most
in for brooke baldwin. the world waits as there is a strike on syria. president bashar al assad accused of using chemical warfare on his own people. the next questions, exactly how and when? today defense secretary chuck hagel told the bbc that the u.s. is ready to go. if president obama orders an attack on syria. >> well, as i said, and i think prime minister cameron has said, i think president oulan, our allies, partners, leaders all over the world have said, let's get the facts, let's get the intelligence and then a decision will be made on whether action should be taken, if action should be taken, what action on no action. >> but if they were to come, you're ready to go? >> we're ready to go like that. >> much of the speculation over syria's use of chemical weapons as secretary of state john kerry took the podium at the state department. kerry said he has little doubt that the man he himself sat down with for a meeting in 2009 is responsible for the, quote, indiscriminate slaughter of civilians. >> what we saw in syria last week should shock the conscience of the world. it defies any code of
. >> it may give bashar al assad a propaganda advantage by saying he was able to resist the united states attacks. > > >>>. >> reporter: the heinous use of chemical weapons. >> reporter: but so far they offered no hard evidence. >> the intelligence community is working on an assessment. >> reporter: u.s. officials tell cnn that assessment includes forensic evidence that chemical weapons were used and satellite activity at chemical weapons depots and communications of syrian forces. now, sources told me they intercepted calls between syria and military commanders and the website foreign policy has additional details reporting it was a panic call from the ministry of defense. an official there calling one of the leaders of the chemical weapons unit asking him and demanding answers for a nerve gas attack that had just killed civilians. carol, if these details are true, it raises all kinds of questions as to who exactly ordered this attack. and also it underscores the need for the obama administration to bring some hard evidence forward because with the memory of the lead up to the war in ira
to the united states from what bashar al assad's regime in damascus is doing? >> he can make the case there's a humanitarian crisis that trumps that. he can make a case that israel is right there on the syrian border and that's the key u.s. ally in the region. he can make the case that if syria continues to disintegrate, what is the domino effect? the question is what case will he make. we haven't heard from the president yet yet. we've heard from secretary kerry and the vice president. you just heard from two members of congress, one a conservative republican, one a liberal democrat. if there were a republican in the white house, there would be a lot more signatures on that letter. democrats are muting their criticism of the president out of partisan loyalty right now. but you're beginning to see more anti-war members starting to question shouldn't he come to congress first. this is not an imminent threat against the united states. and then questioning can you do this? >> and remember, barack obama as a senator voted against -- or spoke out against going to war against iran. >> right. i th
weapons in syria. but the goal is not to get rid of syrian president bashar al-assad but to send him a message. >> regime change. >> they say no decision has been made but they say most likely it will involve cruise missiles not chemical weapons stock piles. a limited strike is unlikely to change the direction or the mowments in syria. >> in terms of shifting momentum on the ground it's not likely. i think that targeted strikes are really more powerful in terms of the signaling that they achieve. and the sending a very strong message, that the use of chemical weapons will not be tolerated. >> many believe the president left himself little choice but to respond. this was one year ago. >> a red line for us is: we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. >> president obama has been hesitant to get involved in syria. the majority of the american people don't want it. and former ambassador robert hunter says the administration is afraid of who could come to power if assad falls. >> then what happens? who replaces that? what happens to the aloites, i
if it needs to. bashar al-assad's regime denies it was behind the attack. it is blaming rebel fighters. >> a rocket shoots sky ward from the damascus neighborhood of eastern guta, al jazeera cannot independently verify the pictures that were up loaded onto youtube. it is the same area where an apparent chemical weapons attack killed hundreds of men, women and children last week. the syrian government denies it was responsible. syria state tv is reporting that the government is agreeing to give the chemica u.. access to the attacks and the global leaders are calling for a response. barack obama has been meeting his national security advise ads to consider actions and the military is ready to act on his orders. >> president barack obama asked the defense department to prepare options for all contingencies. we have done that. again, we're prepared to exercise whatever option if he decides to employ one of those options. >> obama has said any use of chemical weapons in syria would constitute the crossing of a redline. washington says it still needs profession chemical weapons were used in
, is the administration building a case for what will essentially be a punitive action to set an example of bashar al-assad for using those chemical weapons, violating what the white house calls international norms and what secretary kerry said yesterday was a moral obscenity. the white house felt -- joe biden was speaking in houston, texas, he says there is no doubt that they were used, were these chemical weapons, and there is little doubt who used them. >> for we know that the syrian regime, the only ones who have the weapons have used chemical weapons multiple times in the past, have the means of delivering those weapons, have been determined to wipe out exactly the places that were attacked by chemical weapons. >> all indications point to a cruise missile attack of some sort, perhaps arias sets, allied arias sets as well. we don't know when or who, that coalition is still forming. we don't know what the end goal is. all we do know is what jay carney said today. we know what it's not. >> we are also very much engaged in an effort to support the opposition in its struggle with the assad regime, as the a
. a strike against syria would be designed to convince its dictator, bashar al-assad, not to use chemical weapons again but air strikes never succeeded in changing the behavior of another middle east dictator, iraq's saddam hussein, until he was finally captured and hanged. >> pelley: david martin at the pentagon. david, thank you. at least 100,000 people have been killed in the syrian war, but many, many more are refugees. holly williams is on the syrian border with turkey. >> reporter: for two years, syrians have been fleeing their country. two million people have been driven out by a grueling civil war. the aladekany family crossed into turkey today after government soldiers shelled their town in idlib province in northern syria. >> reporter: the father told us they've sought >> reporter: the father told us they've sought refuge in turkey twice before and have then gone back home, hoping things would improve. are you frightened for your family? family? >> yes, of course, i am afraid. i'm afraid for my baby >> reporter: he told us he'd welcome u.s. strikes against the regime of syrian p
is to gain access to the site close to damascus of the suspected chemical attack after opponents of bashar al-assad claimed the syrian government forces used chemical weapons on wednesday in a tax said to have left hundreds dead, but the bashar al-assad regime said it was the rebels who employed chemical weapons. the one thing that is clear is that theaters that have come in -- is fears that chemical weapons have been deployed to prompt the united states to move forces near the region. >> what really happened? leaders want to know what took place and what action the world community should take. speaking to cnn, u.s. president barack obama called the accusations of a chemical weapons attack a major event of grave concern and government forces are considering all options including a military response. and its very troubling, starts getting to some core national interests the united states has, both in terms of us making sure weapons of mass instruction are not delivering, as well as needing to protect our allies in the region. stressedent obama also the need for international cooperation. he also sai
. some western officials believe that president bashar al assad personally ordered the use of chemical weapons. tonight, the white house says no final decision has been made about any u.s. military action. >> reporter: u.n. inspectors today in damascus. one of their vehicles shot by a sniper, but after a brief delay they finally began their work interviewing survivors, doctors and taking samples. but this may already be a side show. the u.s. and others already believe the assad regime used chemical weapons last week on a scale not seen anywhere in decades. so america is once again building a case for military action. >> there must be accountability for those who would use the world's most heinous weapons. >> reporter: the likely action cruise missile strikes from four u.s. navy destroyers and two submarines already in the mediterranean. possible targets, syrian military facilities and weapons systems, planes and airfields, command and control bunkers, but not u.s. officials say president assad himself. and not chemical weapons stock piles. too risky. would it be legal? u.n. backing is
bashar al-assad . >> es de escusas que es algo v inventado , no se puede negar i dice john kerryu tiene pruebas que las harian publicas . >> washington prepara respuesta . >> la peregregunta si es con mis o aviones y cuÁl es el blanco , dicen que esta en juego la cr i credcred credcred credcred credibilidad de estados unidos . >> es decir a rusia china poner presiÓn sanciones si ayudan a chasarc bahsb bashar al-assad . >> siria niega uso de armas q quimicas y culpa rebeldes, co o comboy de la onu hoy atacado antes de acceder a centro de i v investigaciÓn donde hablaban con viÍctimas y mediÉdicos, pudo ha mÁs de mil muertos algo que k r kerry dice que es mioralmente s obse obsceno . >> dice que como padre no se a scasc saca lde la cabeza hore que g grita con su jhijo muerto . >> hacen consultas a la casa blanca el presidente dice que debe haber consecuencioaas, pe c cuaÁndo y con quien o que ayuda. >> diario ruso dice que dssnedw snowden se quedo baravarado po c cuba no lo recibiÓ , el tenÍa n intenci intenciÓn de ir a latinoamÉrica , pero no sucediÓ porque cuba
attack would be a violation of international law. >> bashar al-assad's government strongly denies any charge that it used chemical weapons. the foreign minister says no government in the world would attack its own people. >> i challenge those who blame our military to produce the evidence. >> the government in damascus says if the west responds with military action, it will defend itself with all means available. the u.s. defense department says it is ready to launch strikes if ordered to. for american warships are on alert in the mediterranean, and defense secretary chuck hagel said tuesday he has consulted with his counterparts in britain and france. french president franÇois hollande says the civil war in syria threatens world peace and that he is convinced the civil war in damascus is behind the alleged attack. >> i'm saying this very plainly -- the chemical weapon massacre in damascus demands a response. france is ready to punish those who made the infamous decision to kill innocent people. >> britain remains steadfastly on the side of the u.s. and is also preparing for a milita
on tonight's "feed frenzy". >> his name is bashar al-assad, a former eye doctor who through a twist of family fate became president of syria. and now after a two and a half-year-old civil war he is regarded as a murdering monster by america and her allies. while tens of thousands have been shot or blown up in the conflict, it was a recent incident of nerve gas attacks that has america and other nations on edge. assad insists the rebels caused it, but the white house is not buying it. >> there is no doubt who is responsible for this heinous use of chemical weapons in syria. the syrian regime. >> reporter: so what to do? well, the president is vowing no boots on the ground, so missiles could likely go, with whehere s rockets are stored. no wonder there is a run on gas masks tonight in israel? so who would help? the brits and turkey could be involved. but getting the okay from russia could veto an attack plan. and russia said "the west behaves like a monkey with a grenade." and the group of hackers, known as the syrian army continue to continue assaults on the media today, accused of breaching t
the previous regime in supporting syrian president bashar al assad. >>> americans are taking time to remember a man who spearheaded the civil rights movement. 50 years ago in washington martin luther king delivered a speech in washington. he uttered the words "i have a dream." thousands gathered at the lincoln memorial at the national mall 50 years on. president obama was joined by bill clinton and jimmy carter. obama said king and other civil rights leadee local assemblieses, congress and even the white house. but he also expressed concern for the nation's economic disparities that are widening, not shrinking. >> as always has been noted, black unemployment has remained almost twice as high as white unemployment. latino unemployment close behind. the gap in wealth between races has not lessened, it's grown. >> opinion polls suggest that 79% of african-americans say the country still has a long way to go before it achieves a society free of racial prejudices. >>> i have a dream w those words martin luther king jr. inspired people everywhere to join him in his quest for equal rights for all. 5
. the administration has repeatedly claimed that it is certain that the regime of president bashar al assad used chemical weapons on its on people. again, congressional leaders get that information in two hours, but our pentagon correspondent barbara starr has been working her sources and has something of a preview now. barbara, just what have you learned? >> let's unlock that intelligence dossier just a little bit here. first up, what we now know is that the u.s. has intercepts after the attack of syrian generals talking amongst themselves about the use of chemicals in this attack that happened last week. that's a very strong piece of evidence that underscores the administration's conclusion that the regime was behind it. but was bashar al assad's hand really on the button? did he give the order? that is less clear we are told. officials won't say whether assad had his finger on the button. they say if they talked about that, it would give up too much of the classified intelligence. but congressman mike rogers, republican chairman of the house intelligence committee in an upcoming interview in
. syrian president bashar al assad remained defiant denying his forces used chemical weapons. while white house officials hit hard with questions about another iraq insisted they have an air tight case over last week's mass chemical attack. >> these international norms are important. and it is not appropriate for totalitarian dictators to flout them with impugnity. >> reporter: a key republican is backing the president up on the intelligence but charges the consultation has been more like checking a box. >> i think the facts will be on the president's side but he needs buy in from congress. >> we send a shot across the bow saying stop doing this, that can have a positive impact over the long term. >> reporter: retired major general says it is not just a shot across the bow and warned of a wider conflict if assad responds by striking israel. >> it is an act of war. tell me pathways to war sometimes turn into highways to hell. >> reporter: as a candidate in 2008 then senator obama warned against symbolic threats against syria and iran. in an interview on december 1 took a poke at president
it is undeniable president bashar al-assad is behind the attacks, setting the stage for an international brawl. president hassan rouhani of iran said he will press forward with attempts to ward off military action by western nations against president bashar al- assad. he was quoted as saying that military action will bring great cost for the region. it is necessary to apply all effort to prevent it. according to state tv, he said both iran and russia would work in cooperation to prevent any military action against syria. meanwhile, the united states and its allies continue to pair for a potential strike. president obama told pbs yesterday he did not want a prolonged military intervention. >> if we are saying in a clear and decisive but very limited way, we send a shot across the bow saying, stop doing this, that can have a positive impact on a national security over the long term and may have a positive impact in the sense that chemical weapons are not used again on innocent civilians. >> the white house announced it will brief members of congress later today on plans to move forward with a mi
to send what it calls an unambiguous signal, not just to syrian leader bashar al assad but to the world. >> it's also important for our totalitarian deck tictators aro the world to understand that the international community will not tolerate the use of chemical weapons. >> reporter: the white house said mr. obama is still looking at a compressed too many frame for action and did not deny there are doubts about forming a broad international coalition. that's in part because british leaders want to slow down and wait for assessments of u.n. weapons inspectors. some question u.s. motives. >> because the american president foolishly drew a red line and because of his position now, he's going to attack or face humiliation. >> reporter: others accuse prime minister david cameron of following the u.s. into another war based on faulty intelligence, another iraq. >> but this is not like iraq and the evidence that the syrian regime has used these weapons in the early hours of the 21st of august is right before our eyes. >> what we saw in that circumstance was an administration that was searching
on the possibility of military action, talking about a so-called, shot across the bow at syrian president bashar al-assad. although republican senator john mccain said this can not be just a symbolic shot across the bow. it has to be something that helps the rebels in the long run. take a listen. >> if we are saying in a clear and desigh sieve but very limited way, we send a shot across the bow saying stop doing this, that can have a positive impact on our national security over the long term and may have a, positive impact in the sense that chemical weapons are not used again on innocent civilians. >> my view is what the president should be saying is that, now he has committed war crimes and we will give the free syrian army what they need. >> reporter: john mccain talking about war crimes by president assad in syria. bottom line is, the next step in all of this, 6:00 p.m. eastern time tonight, we're expecting a teleconference where some of the president's top national security aides will be briefing key lawmakers about exactly what intelligence they have to justify a potential attack, jon. jon: i know
in this chemical attack. >> now, the regime of the president bashar al assad, fred, they acknowledge there were chemical weapons used to kill hundreds of people outside of damascus. but they blame the rebels. they blame the opposition. they blame people they call terrorists. is that right? >> reporter: well, their story keeps changing. some government officials say they're not sure if chemical weapons were ever used. there are a lot of government officials i've spoken to who said if anyone used chemical agents, it would have been the rebels. they also accuse the rebels of using chemical weapons against assad forces here on saturday. they kept telling me, i was on an interview with the deputy foreign minister of this country on sunday, and he said that the syrian military categorically denies ever using chemical weapons on the battlefield and that if anyone did it, that it would have been the opposition. they also said that they support the weapons inspectors going out there. however, of course, we've noted the u.s. said that all of this took way too long. that there were delays. and that they b
something that i've struggled to understand why the bashar al assad regime would do that, why bother using an internationally banned weapon to kill a person or even two. some suggested that this was being done and the u.s. in june came out and said they believe this was happen, that they were using chemical amounts in small doses in order to terrorize the opposition, to terrorize their enemies, to convince them to stop fighting, to leave, to leave the country, to it become refugees. this was a different scale of attack. this was designed to punish a group of people to stop a rebellion that was right on the outskirts of damascus. this is according to the syrian opposition a different kind of attack to prevent the rebels from moving on to the capital. that's what the opposition is telling us when we're talking to them in syria. >> richard, strategically thinking about not just the scale of the attack but the timing of the attack, what do you make of the fact this has happened literally just days after the u.n. weapons inspectors arrived in syria? i can't make sense of that at all. >> reporte
of the battle. the general also told us that he believes that bashar al assad, the syrian president, personally ordered the use of chemical weapons against civilians in those outskirts of damascus last week. when we asked why, he said two reasons. one, that syria was responding to a failed assassination attempt against bashar al assad when there was an attack on bashar al assad's personal convoy in damascus earlier this month. he said that infuriated him and he ordered his military council to draw up options including the use of chemical weapons. the second reason, according to the general, was that the rebels in this area that was attacked, which is right on the outskirts of damascus, had recently acquired their own weapons. they had taken some missiles from the regime and that syria found this unacceptable, that it couldn't have such well-armed rebels right on the outskirts of damascus and that these two things combined, the failed assassination attempt and then these heavily armed rebels right on bashar al assad's doorstep led the syrian president to take this action. >> a developing story a
to a failed assassination attempt against bashar al assad when there was an attack on bashar al assad's personal convoy in damascus earlier this month. he said that infuriated him and he ordered his military council to draw up options including the use of chemical weapons. the second reason, according to the general, was that the rebels in this area that was attacked, which is right on the outskirts of damascus, had recently acquired their own weapons. they had taken some missiles from the regime and that syria found this unacceptable, that it couldn't have such well-armed rebels right on the outskirts of damascus and that these two things combined, the failed assassination attempt and then these heavily armed rebels right on bashar al assad's doorstep led the syrian president to take this action. >> a developing story and our richard engel is right on top of it, joining us this morning from turkey. richard, thanks. >>> i also want to go to the white house this morning and check in with our correspondent there, kristen welker. kristen, as i've been mentioning, another development is t
. >> i'm not aware of any doubt that exists. i think that maybe if you take bashar al-assad seriously on these issues you might have doubt. but there's no evidence to suggest he has any credibility about the use of chemical weapons in syria. the actions taken in the immediate aftermath of this heinous attack demonstrate his lack of credibility. we believe that a careful review of the facts leads to the conclusion that the regime was behind this. again, it's undeniable that chemical weapons were used on large scale. we know that the regime maintains custody of the chemical weapons in syria and uses the types of rockets that were used to deliver chemical weapons on august 21st. the opposition does not. we also know that the opposition does not have the cap abilities that the syrian regime has. we have had an assessment by the intelligence community with a high degree of confidence they have useused, on a smaller scal chemical weapons already. suggestions that there's doubt about this are as preposterous as the attack itself didn't happen. >> senator hagel said if any action is taken and
change. we don't know what the other regime would be if bashar al-assad is taken out of power. >> jay carney was asked, is this about regime change. he said it's not about that. but no accounting for which group or faction among the rebels who want to help, where we want things to go. >> it's fascinating. you look at the big pick expire think, okay, what happens next? we get a coalition of the willing and they say, america, go ahead, we got your back. but we carry the burden for the military all the criticism coming from around the world and now there are threats saying, okay, we have asked hezbollah to take american hostages in lebanon if someone was to bomb syria. seems like the coalition of the willing is the united states on its own. >> but of course we're being pushed, you'd say, by britain and france, which is very reminiscent of libya where we were just supposed to be involved a little bit in the beginning and britain and france and nato were supposed to do the heavy lifting and they can't. they don't spend enough on their military so it falls to us. >> talk about how the white
that red line. vice president joe biden said he has no doubt that bashar al assad used chemical weapons last week but the vice president also said the united states is convinced that he used chemical weapons before. so hasn't that red line been crossed already? >> well, listen, i don't think that we need to rush into war or rush into -- >> it's two years into the conflict, van. >> answer the question. how many land wars do you want? >> i'm not advocating to seasoned boots on the ground today. what i'm advocating -- it's not monday morning quarterbacking because i've been on the story for two years because right from the onset when we knew bashar al assad was killing his own people, had chemical weapons, had pipelines to russia and iran and a pipeline to hezbollah, i said right away this is going to be a nightmare, go in now, go in early, make it decisive and then get the hell o out. here we are two years later. >> that's the problem. it's easy to rush in. it's hard to get out. i am glad we have a president who understands. what we have with the other party is always a cheer leading for
supplier of oil in opec, has backed opponents a serious president -- syrian president bashar al-assad. iran supports assad. >> if they start to affect iraq 's main crude exports, that is $2 billion a day potentially at risk. that is my big concern. i think an attack on syria is likely. not possible, it is probable. iraq is a wildcard, particularly the south. that would be my top worry. >> experts say oil markets have already begun to price the risk of military action as a u.s. strike inches closer to the middle east. >> we are taking a quick break here. coming up, brazil's central-bank fights for him... -- fights for another interest rate increase. details when we return, and so much more. stay tuned. >> welcome back to biz asia america. brazil is dealing with inflation. they have raised rates there for the fourth time. our guest now joins us from new york, the former deputy governor of the central bank of brazil. now the head of research on emerging markets. i apologize -- technical difficulties here. we will try to get him back in a moment. we will talk about south africa now. the governm
, that unless there is some sort of action that bashar al assad will think he got away with it. in terms of the intelligence, today syria's foreign minister made an open challenge to washington. he said, you believe that you have such great intelligence, let there be a public debate. we've allowed the inspectors in. the inspectors are doing their work. why is the united states rushing to attack syria, to launch a war when we're cooperating with the inspectors. that's the line out of syria. he says they should present the evidence and let there be a debate about it. >> one of the reasons why secretary kerry was making it clear they are not waiting on the u.n. weapons inspectors is that they believe the evidence was degraded because of stonewalling by the syrian regime, that you can't wait five or six days and still get the same kind of samples. and you know, build the evidentiary case. they believe they have independent evidence already. and among that -- among those facts on the ground are the rockets, the rockets used to deliver these chemical attacks. richard, you know better than i or
green. opponents of syrian government bashar al assad say they attacked rebel held positions near damascus this morning. this follows yesterday's chemical attack. scores appear to be killed but it's impossible to get an accurate toll. the syrian government denies using chemical weapons, but video appears to show people in the aftermath suffering from telltale signs of a chemical attack. we're warning, some of the images we are about to show you are graphic and they are disturbing. jurica duncan has our report. >> reporter: syrian claim the g bombed the same areas where an alleged chemical weapons attack took place yesterday. the grisly images posted to youtube yesterday showed men, women, children either dying or alreay dead. rebels say chemical weapons killed as many as 1300. cbs news cannot confirm the videos but experts tell us they appear to support the opposition's claims. >> these people have died from some unconventional weapon and at the moment the most likely explanation will be some sort of chemical weapon. >> reporter: syria's information officer denies the country has
will just be enough to topple the regime, that it could weaken bashar al assad's grip on power just enough that the syrian rebels will be able to finish the mission and drive him from power. in order to do that, the leader of the free syrian army told us that in conjunction with a western military action that the rebels will launch their own offensive. they've already begun the stockpile ammunition. some new ammunition has been arriving. they have been confirmed to us. the question now is what will that leave the united states and what will it leave syria if the bashar al assad is toppled? there are many different rebel factions operating in syria. only a few of them are friendly to the united states. richard engle, nbc news, southern turkey. >>> now moving west, we are getting a new vantage point of that massive wildfire near yosemite and it has grown overnight. nbc's miguel almaguer is near the fire line. he spent much of the time with crews fighting the flames through the air. >> reporter: we can see brush fires. there's no doubt the fire is growing and certainly quickly on the move. yo
, the white house has absolute certainty that syria's bashar al assad poisoned his own people. >> there's no doubt who is responsible for this heinous use of chemical weapons in syria. the syrian regime. >> reporter: still, no decision on how the u.s. will respond. the white house, saying all options are on the table. the pentagon has identified potential targets for air strikes against syria. but officials say removing assad from power is not a goal. president obama has been working the phones with world leaders, while top aides are making the case to members of congress. >> we don't need u.n. corroboration. but it would be nice to have it. >> reporter: the white house says u.s. intelligence alone is compelling. including intercepts between syrian commanders. syria says it will respond to any military strike by using all means. >> if bashar al assad didn't hesitate to use chemical weapons against his own civilians, what's to stop them from using them against sleeping turks, or israelis. that's the broader scenario. >> reporter: the conflict has rattled syria's neighbors and many americ
convinced, not for the first time. remember, not for the first time bashar al-assad has used chemical weapons. >> there must be accountability. >> i believe we should use maximum -- have maximum use of cruise missiles. >> obama orders a report justifying a strike as assad tell s america, you will fail. >>> also, yosemite tinderbox. firefighters replace tourists as thousands race to save an american treasure. >> oh, my god. >> this morning, condition critical. new concerns for the largest trees on earth, california's beautiful sequoias. have they met their match? >>> plus, extreme heat shutting down schools in the midwest. temperatures soaring well above 100. >> it's just really hot, and it's just hard because we're sweating and stuff like that. >> classes cancelled, practice postponed. relief not coming at least until the weekend. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." >>> good morning, thank you so much for being with me. i'm carol costello. we begin in syria and late developments on the possibility of u.s. military strikes. just minutes ago, we learned that defense secretary chuck hagel
stevens to kill bashar al assad. mr. stevens will be joining us in just a few moments. "the wall street journal" editorial page, meanwhile, is calling for regime change. the white house says that's not what it wants to do. and i don't get that. another big story tonight is the debt ceiling battle. treasury secretary jack lew on cnbc this morning said president obama will not negotiate over the debt ceiling bill and now it looks like a battle royal is brewing in washington, d.c. these stories and many more coming up in "the kudlow report" beginning right now. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm larry kudlow. this is "the kudlow report." in a major developing story, nbc news is reporting a strike against syria could come as early as thursday. aids say president obama and no longer questions if the syrian government used chemical weapons. the questions are what will the u.s. do and with who's help. nbc's richard engel joins us now from the turkey/syria border with all the latest details. good evening, richard. >> reporter: larry, syria is showing no signs by being deterred of all of this talk
of state was firm, there is no doubt that the syrian regime of president bashar al assad deliberately used weapons against its own people. do you have any doubt about the accuracy of that intelligence? >> the intelligence seems to indicate very clearly that the regime was involved at the highest levels, that this was a conscious decision. again, it would be awfully helpful to us if that could be confirmed by the u.n. or by other inspectors, if there was clear evidence that it could be put on the table and it would be helpful in two ones. one, it makes our case much stronger, but second, it would undercut the arguments by the russians and the iranians that this was not the regime, these were the rebels. i think that would be very, very helpful. because the standard that we want to establish, it's irrespective of syria. it's that these weapons of mass destruction, chemical weapons will not be used indiscriminately against civilians. that principle is the one we'd be involved in with defending. >> thanks very much for coming in. >>> up next, what a u.s. military strike against syria could loo
of ahmadinejad, when there were protests in the street during that election. he talked about bashar al assad as a partner for progress for a long time before he started talking about bashar al assad has to go. the problem is president obama has been inconsistent in his policy in the middle east. indecipherable in some of our allies' beliefs. when you have the united arab emirates, jordan, israel, saudi arabia, our most important allies in the region, all telling us, you guys are getting this wrong on almost everything, you have a problem. i think on syria, whatever the president chooses to do and whatever the u.n. inspectors find out. there's no denying now, that somebody is using chemical weapons. the only thing to be figured out now is who. and i think the international community suspects that the government. but that means that chemical weapons are moving around. chemical weapons are proliferating. so now i think the community at large has a big problem. >> but the issue is i mean we all saw this obviously at the end of the bush administration, now it's even more so, this is a war-weary c
were to come you are ready to go like that? >> we are ready to go like that. syrian president bashar al-assad remained defiant. he told a state run news agency if the u.s. strike it is will face what it has been confronted with in every war since vietnam, failure. echoing that assad's deputy foreign minister said his country would respond swiftly if attacked. >> we know how to defend ourselves. but the americans and the british and the french havep failed in afghanistan and iraq and other places, they will fail in syria and there will be a high price not only for them, but for international peace and security. >> in britain there was a flurry of activity in and out of 10 downing street as prime minister cameron called parliament into session this thursday to consider action. >> let me stress to people this is not about getting involved in a middle eastern war or changing our starts in syria or going further into that conflict. it's nothing to do about that. it's about chemical weapons and the use is wrong and the$# should not stand by. >> in paris, the president said his country favors action
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